CD Review: Austin Walkin’ Cane – One Heart Walkin’

Occasionally I write CD reviews for the Blues Society of Western PA’s blues newsletter. I thought I would repost this one for Austin Walkin’ Cane’s One Heart Walkin’ here.

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Austin Walkin’ Cane – One Heart Walkin’

I’ve been able to see Austin Walkin’ Cane play anywhere from Kent, OH to Memphis, TN. Given the number of dates that appear on his calendar each month, chances are you can too.

One Heart Walkin’ is Austin’s latest release made entirely of original tunes composed by him and his writing partner Chris Allen. First off I like the artwork, this variable font size, constant width design seems to be catching on these days. Overall, I think this set of songs are his most creative arrangements to date.

There’s a lot of fun stuff to listen to on this CD. “Living, Working, Dying” and “Whose Gonna Love You?” would make great standout additions to any blues playlist. They immediately grab the listener’s attention and offer a lot of exciting musical content that is sometimes left out of the modern blues genre. I love the rhythm parts, the governing voice, and the general sense of not knowing what going to happen next.

I liked the bass (sousaphone) line on ‘Whose Gonna Love You?’ so much that I had to make it the accompanying transcription this time. The tune is played somewhere between D and D?, so I tabbed it in D using a standard guitar tuning. It’s pretty much based on the melody in the first measure. There are a few improvised variations throughout the song, but I think you can get the idea by following this part.

Written by Chris Yakopcic

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